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 Alduin GM Application

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Zack Zanshin12

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Alduin GM Application Empty
PostSubject: Alduin GM Application   Alduin GM Application EmptySun Nov 10, 2013 4:05 pm

1: past exp as an gm/admin
I've been most levels of admins but Owner
2: how you would help the game
Although my coding skills need improvement I have suggestions' on how to improve the game, also i know how to map
3: how many hours you spend on the game daily
If on weekends I would spend all day on the sever but on school days my time on the computer I cut short due to the fact I have homework so about 2-5 hrs weekdays and 5-6 hrs on weekend
4: how friendly you are to players in game
I have a number one rule while play byond and that is treat those the way you would want to be treated I have much respect for admins and players
5: in game name and your byond key
In game name: Alduin /Key:AnimeFighterKenzai12
6: game names of which you have been a gm/admin on before
Dragonball: Universal Rebirth Dragon Universe and Pokémon Legracy
7: something extra about your self
I love pokemon I still need improvement in my RP skills though I'm great at Pvp games i like anime and i most spend my time on the computer more than anything i like to change my name a lot and i like spending time on PPF
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Alduin GM Application
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