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 Pheris' Application

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PostSubject: Pheris' Application   Pheris' Application EmptyTue Oct 22, 2013 9:12 pm

1: past exp as an gm/admin:
I have been an admin and an gm on many different games. My longest occupation was on Naruto: Dawn of The Shinobi. I have been an admin there for about 4 years before the game was discontinued due to scheduling issues. I was also promoted up to Co-Owner before it was disbanded. Many years back, I was a temp admin or admin on Naruto: Shinobi Warriors when ever the owner needed someone on who he trusted to watch the game. That was when the original owner, wholeintheksy, was the still active.

2: how you would help the game:
Well, I love to draw and love to learn about graphic arts. So when I get better with GIMP, I could make logo's and such. I also "Dabble" with iconning, though I haven't done it in awhile. Also I am learning to program so maybe in a few months, I could also do the small jobs and fixes that would seem unimportant to the Higher ranked Moderators and Administrators.

3: how many hours you spend on the game daily:
Haha, well The first day I spend a new record total of 25 hours. (What ever it took to be the first Elite Four xD ). I would say at minimum, i would spend about 5 hours on the game, It would be more, but I am currently waiting on reply for a new occupation at Gamestop, so it might change my schedule.

4: how friendly you are to players in game.
I believe I am pretty friendly to the other players. I try not to be rude or biased to players. I also believe in all those characteristics that were shoved down our throats as children in school (Kindness, being polite, treat others the way you want to be treated, etc.).

5: in game name and your byond key:
I go by Pheris Withre(Side Note: I may occasionally change the last name during different wipes or servers, but Pheris is a static name.) and my key is Heyblinx.

6: game names of which you have been a gm/admin on before: Naruto:Dawn of The Shinobi.
7: something extra about your self. I am 20 years old. From the United States of America. I am a lover of fine arts. I can dance,play an instrument, and draw, and I practice often. I am in College as a Computer Science Major and Graphic Arts minor.I am currently also becoming one of those guys that is working out constantly. At first it was for American ninja warrior, but now the dedication and the feeling of when I accomplish a hard work out keeps me determined to keep going. I think that is about it, if there is anything else, feel free to ask. Worst case scenario, I won't respond.Smile 

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PostSubject: Re: Pheris' Application   Pheris' Application EmptyWed Oct 23, 2013 11:50 pm

this is a good application. i will keep u in mind in the future

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Pheris' Application
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