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 GM Application- Akira

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GM Application- Akira Empty
PostSubject: GM Application- Akira   GM Application- Akira EmptySat Oct 19, 2013 12:51 pm

Past Experience: I have been staff on many games. Most recent would be Bleach- Way of the souls. I have also been staff of Pokemon World Online RP. Not to mention Pokemon Black Thunder too. Infact, I can't even remember the rest. I've pretty much staffed most Pokemon games.

How I would Help the Game: I can enforce rules to a degree where players understand what they have done wrong and learn from it. I can also Code, Icon and map if any updates were needed. I can assist players if they need a hand in game.

How many Hours I spend on the game: Around seven or eight a day. Bar weekends where I am on pretty much 13/14 hours.

How friendly Am I to players in game: I find myself to be quite friendly. I have been told that I give a good impression and that I am kind.

In game name and Byond Key: Game Name is Akira. My Key is BlueAkira.

Game's I have staffed before: Listed in the top half of this application. I shall pull up a few more if needed. But that suits me fine for now.

Little something: I find myself to be a fair and supportive individual with the capability to learn from my mistakes and also the mistakes of others. Given the chance Id like to aid the game in any way shape or form. I am reliable and trustworthy, then again this is the internet. Who's going to take my word. Thats pretty much it.

Thank you for your time reading my Application.
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GM Application- Akira
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