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 James' Application.

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PostSubject: James' Application.   Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:32 am

1: past exp as an gm/admin
I was a admin in Naruto Exodus for 2-4months with the name "Chibi Teddy" And i was also a admin on PED "Pokemon Eternal Darkness" for awhile when it was at the very first stages of its creation as i was friends with the creator at the time.

2: how you would help the game
Well I don't have many skills in iconing or Coding i mean my coning Skills are decent but not expert how ever not much experiance in Coding but i could always learn and get better for both to assist the game, I am also very active especially when most admins are asleep im awake because it's day time for me so i can take care over the game over night for those who are asleep so i could be the night watch haha, I'm also nice willing to help out the community ^_^

3: how many hours you spend on the game daily
Well the first day i played it i spent all day and half of the night, and now weekdays about 5-7hours after school and on weekends all day and some of the night if im not busy :3

4: how friendly you are to players in game
I'm consider myself to be pretty friendly haven't caused any fights with anyone yet, I try my best not to be rude to other players.

5: in game name and your byond key
IGN: James
Byond Key: JayUzumaki

6: game names of which you have been a gm/admin on before
Naruto Exodus, Pokemon Eternal Darkness

7: something extra about your self
I am 17 years old i do VCE in Dance, I'm currently studying to become an electrician, I do Computer fixing and repairs at school to learn as a hobby or maybe a carrier who knows But I will most likely end up as an electrician with computer fixing as a hobby. I play Soccer and Basket Ball, I often draw anime characters i like umm that's all i can think of if you have any other questions for me feel free to ask and ill do my best to answer them thank you! Smile
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James' Application.
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