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 Mirandas Application

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Mirandas Application Empty
PostSubject: Mirandas Application   Mirandas Application EmptySun Dec 15, 2013 4:48 pm

1: past exp as an gm/admin:

  • Bleach Unleashed Bankai - Co owner
  • Original PRAT - Level 3 admin
  • Bleach UNlimited - Level 3 Admin
    And a lot of misc games

2: By creating law and order and being helpful, duh. As a regularly player I am a bitch but as an admin I tone it down to the right level

3: Depends just now rejoining byond

4: Depends. Nice to the good ones and a bitch to the ones who deserve it. c:

5: Miranda - Domo_Lover

6: Refer to question 1 please.

7: I can make skin interfaces, expert GFXer, mapper, I can icon, mid level programmer, and pixel artiest. My hobbies revolve around computers and sad to say it but I like working on cars. (anything electrical really). Screamo/post hardcore music at heart. I am a cat with extra long claws. Random, like to make people laugh, fearless. Look death in the eyes and call it a whore. Most people in the pokemon player base knows me (at least a lot do) and like Everyone else I have people who don't like me.
Thats it you beautiful fuckers <3
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Mirandas Application
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