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 Emily's GM application

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Emily's GM application Empty
PostSubject: Emily's GM application   Emily's GM application EmptyMon Nov 25, 2013 3:05 pm

1: past exp as an gm/admin
Well, not any. Though, I know everything that a Admin should do.
2: how you would help the game
I can't icon (Well, I can a bit.), or map, or code. I can enforce the rules very well. I help other players too.
3: how many hours you spend on the game daily
It actually depends... maybe 3-4. Maybe 5-7. Maybe even 8. It all depends. I'm active the most on weekends.
4: how friendly you are to players in game
I'm pretty friendly to the players in the game. (Well, only not friendly to those who attempt to troll in any way possible.)
5: in game name and your byond key
Ingame name: Emily. Byond Key: Ninja Pokemon.
6: game names of which you have been a gm/admin on before
7: something extra about your self
I like this game alot, because you can catch, battle players, etc. I like trying to be one of the best players. I do my best not go get into arguments. I'm the magma leader ingame. I like Mew. I'm not actually sure what to put in this part.
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Emily's GM application
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