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 Mugen GM Ap

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PostSubject: Mugen GM Ap   Mugen GM Ap EmptyTue Nov 12, 2013 7:19 pm

1:past exp as an gm/admin
I've been most levels of admin but never a co-owner or owner. I have been an admin on few occasions on different games since i was 16

2:how you would help the game
I may not code,icon or map but i will ensure the rules are followed and that everyone is treated fairly. when issues arise i will always take the time to not only lend and ear but to set things right

3:how many hours you spend on the game daily
I'm on pretty much everyday if nothing occurs though on occasion i will be on other games

4:how friendly you are to players in game
I'm Always kind to players who respect the rules and there fellow gamers. though I'm fair i am stickler for the rules at times.

5:in game name and your byond key
Mugen my key is Lordmegax

6:Game names of which you have been a gm/admin on before
Naruto Beasts, Bleach Lost Souls,Bleach Shikai Wars

7: something extra about your self
I'm easy going and keep my cool in almost any situation, I'm kind to everyone and open to correction if mistakes were made. I never give up on solving a problem no matter how long it takes me.The thing i enjoy most is when everyone's having fun.

I hope You will consider me i have been playing for a while and want to see nothing more then this games growth.

Kind and Calm as the blowing wind putting you heart at rest
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Red Ayakashi

Red Ayakashi

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PostSubject: Re: Mugen GM Ap   Mugen GM Ap EmptyTue Nov 12, 2013 8:37 pm

Impressive application. We're actually similar since i cant code or map or icon either. Now its time for the hardest part...Waiting XD
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Mugen GM Ap
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