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 Leonidas Admin App Attempt

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PostSubject: Leonidas Admin App Attempt   Sat Nov 02, 2013 6:18 pm

I am Leonidas, you may remember me from various pokemon games, or know me for my iconning, spriting, and or touch ups. I recently graduated from high school and have more than enough time to stay active on this game or any game to be exact. I spend about 12-16 hours on byond, always available through text,email,kik,snapchat, and facebook. I just wanna make sure things stay calm during the time that higher admins are not online, as I will not take authority if a higher admin is online. Keep me updated! I can also throw in some small iconning and touch ups etc. if y'all wanna talk about it. Thanks (:

Total_K.O-BYOND Key
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Leonidas Admin App Attempt
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