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PostSubject: DarkBlades App   DarkBlades App EmptySat Oct 19, 2013 1:10 pm

1. I have had past exps as a gm in not to many games games.
2.I would help the game by stoping people from breaking rules.
3. I would spend 5 to 8 hours daily in the game.
4.I am not that friendly to players to game sometimes but most of the time i am super friendly.
5. My Game Name is DarkBlade My Byond Key is BlackWingCrow.
6.I Was a level 4 Gm in Bleach FinalBankai,I was a gm in Pokemon Red Steel,Last i was a Gm in Duel Monster Genesis.
7.Something extra about me is i play basketball, football,kickball, Baseball ,and i play soccer.
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DarkBlades App
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