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 ArchAngel GM Application

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ArchAngel GM Application Empty
PostSubject: ArchAngel GM Application   ArchAngel GM Application EmptyMon Oct 14, 2013 11:57 pm

ArchAngel GM Application Sdzlgk

ArchAngel / ShadowXero1111

Past Experiences as a GM/Admin:

I have worked on many games many I do not remember..
   DBZ Lost Saiyan
   DBZ Forgotten Souls
   DBZ Dark Apocalypse (Sketh Version)
   DBZ Fight For Supremacy
   1 Naruto game do not remember the name
   Owner of my own game DBZ Inevitable Death

How you would help the game

 I am knowledgeable in Coding GFX and Interfacing though I havent coded for a Pokemon game yet.
examples of work click here:
ArchAngel GM Application Aeon2ArchAngel GM Application VhvArchAngel GM Application Exx2ArchAngel GM Application Exx22
ArchAngel GM Application 2a98tgxArchAngel GM Application X1nc6eArchAngel GM Application 2w5v9zs
  I also would bring a helpful but strict environment into the game needed for it to run smoothly. I've been around BYOND since 2007 so I've seen all types of players and know how to handle them

How many hours you spend on the game daily

In the morning I attend schools but get home around 4:30 and go straight on BYOND so..Typically from 4:30-12

How friendly you are to players in game

I do like to treat everyone nicely but sometimes I do play around with a few people (ocar)lol! but thats all out of good nature.
Something extra about your self
 I play piano hey cool points ?afro  lol cheers 
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ArchAngel GM Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: ArchAngel GM Application   ArchAngel GM Application EmptyWed Oct 16, 2013 12:30 am

LOL Manny I play piano too c:
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ArchAngel GM Application
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