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 My GM App <3

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PostSubject: My GM App <3   My GM App <3 EmptyMon Oct 14, 2013 5:35 pm

Hello, I'm Rosalinda, I'm here today to post an application for becoming an admin.

1.) I currently Don't have a past experience as an admin on PPF BUT, i have been an admin/GM on multiple games in the past.
2.)I'm quite an old player of the game and i know a few spawns for some good pokemon, i could help the game out by helping the new players get accustomed to the game and make sure they have a nice and fun time playing, and so, resulting on them inviting their friends to play.
3.)usually during the weekdays i have school. But after school im able to go on the computer and play for 5 hours. On weekends im usually on from around noon, to 10 PM, so about 10 hours on weekends and 5 hours during the weekdays (Yes, i am a no life lol, <3)
4.)I'm quite friendly to people, the only time i tend to get unfriendly is if someone shows disrespect towards me or towards a friend. Even though, i don't tend to show favoritism towards friends if it will interfere with my work.
5.)Ingame name is Rosalinda (I want it changed to Rosie) and my Byond-Key is Rosawylie
6.)The only game i can 100% remember being an admin of is for a game that was hosted by my bff at the time, the game was Digimon Tamers Classic, but that was before he had quit Byond.
7.)I'm usually a happy and friendly girl, i am a freshman in highschool and I'm lesbian (just wanted to throw that in there just incase someone gets curious). I also have Dyslexia and tend to spell things wrong or read something wierdly, but even though, i still try my best to keep on top with grades and with helping my friends. I love helping others a lot.
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My GM App <3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My GM App <3   My GM App <3 EmptyMon Oct 14, 2013 10:03 pm

i like this application its not to short and not to lengthy when the time comes for new admins to be selected ill keep you in mind
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My GM App <3
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